Friday, September 24, 2010

Three Weeks Seizure Free!

Today marks the third week since Ben's surgery, and three weeks with no seizures. This is especially promising because last week he was sick and coughing a lot. Normally, he is way more apt to have a seizure when he is sick.

As you can see, his scar is healing nicely, and his hair is already growing back in. One side effect that he has noticed is the skin inside the "C" shape of his scar is numb. He says that is often itches, but he can't feel the scratching. The Dr. said that this is totally normal. And now we all know that we can repeatedly pinch Ben on his scalp.

Ben is slowly continuing to get back to normal activity. He went to the Lehi Mascot Bowl football game on Monday with his brothers, and had a good time. I even saw him do a little slow jog to catch up with them when he got out of the car. He said the event made his head hurt, "but it was worth it." I'm sure he meant, "It was worth it to get away from you, mom, for a few hours."

I'm thinking that I will send him back to school on October 3rd. I'm a little worried that orchestra might make his head really hurt, because, who wouldn't get a headache in beginning orchestra? We'll have to see how that goes.

Thank you for all your continued thoughts and prayers. We are overwhelmed with all the support that we've received.


  1. So glad that Ben is healing so well and everything has been successful so far.

    And, Kathhy, you crack me up. I think we definately could all get headaches in beginning orchestra.

  2. Yay for no seizures!! I hope it'll be permanent. I'm also glad he's beginning to feel more like himself.

  3. Hooray for the prospect of school! What a miracle! I might think that the commotion in the hallways between classes might rival beginning orchestra. At least he's not looking at a class period of begining percusion instruments!

  4. Hey - It's Julianne - not that you ever, ever complain, but HORRAY! for teasing of sisters. That is a great sign! Someday when the sister is in tears and you think about wishing he wouldn't tease her, you still won't complain.

  5. You should plan a special day for yourself when Ben heads back to school. I volunteer to come get a pedicure with you.