Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hooray for Antibiotics!

It's hard to tell if your kid is sick, when he already feels like crap.

So, Ben has been coughing a bit ever since he got out of surgery. And ever since we've came home, if you ask him how he's feeling, he'll reply with, "I don't know" or "Not that good." On Monday, he started coughing more, which turned into even more coughing on Tuesday. He also said that his head hurt, but when hasn't it hurt? Tuesday he was saying he felt, "Not that good" and in the afternoon I noticed his temperature went up a little, to around 100 degrees. Of course, this was around 5 o'clock, when the regular pediatrician and surgeon have gone home. When Scott got home, Ben said he felt, "sick" which is worse than "not that good." Scott insisted that I take Ben in to see the pediatrician on call, instead of waiting till the morning. (Good job dad!) The Dr. said Ben had a little bronchitis or pneumonia going on in his left lung, and gave us two antibiotics to take.

Skip to this afternoon. Ben's coughing has noticeably lessened. He says he feels, "Not that good" but he is feeling good enough to 1) tease his sister and 2) eat more than he has for probably two weeks.


  1. So glad he is feeling better. I agree, I wouldn't know if he were sick or not.

    If you are teasing and eating then you must be feeling a little better:)

  2. Sorry to hear about the lung infection. I got the same thing along with a sinus infection and an eye infection after I had my tonsils out 4 years ago. Your body is just so much more susceptible to "bugs" after having a surgery. Glad his appetite is picking up.

  3. Yes, getting an specific answer out of a tween must be hard. I'm glad he got some medicine and is feeling better.
    Also, way to go Scott for making Ben go to the Dr.! Evan says Daniel never needs to go to the doctor; Even when his temp was 105.
    So, I'm dying to know if the brain surgery diet works better than the Special K diet.