Friday, September 3, 2010

Here we go!

So after some final testing this morning, our Dr's put together a final plan to remove the part of Ben's brain that causes his seizures. We left Ben at the O.R. about an hour ago, and are anticipating a 4-5 hour surgery. I'm reassured by the surgeon, who before both surgeries said to us, "We'll take our time." This is especially nice to hear when your son's surgery starts on a Friday afternoon before a 3 day weekend. I'm feeling pretty calm and confident right now. The surgeon said that the chances of something catastrophic happening in surgery are less than while driving in a car. He also said that the recovery from this surgery is usually easier than for the first one.

Thanks again for all you thoughts and prayers.

Below is a post I wrote late last night. I'm not nearly so worried right now, but I thought I'd post it anyway.

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  1. I bet mom and dad are glad you posted, so Jenny and I will stop bugging them. I hope things are going okay right now, we have been praying all day. I think that car statement is so true, he is in pretty safe hands right now. I'm sure the 3 day weekend isn't what the dr's are thinking about right now! Try to relax, we are thinking of you!