Friday, September 10, 2010

One Week Out

Today is one week from Ben's last surgery, and he has been home for almost 3 days. I think he is slowly getting better. If you ask him, he says his pain stays at the same level most of the time, but I've noticed that he is a lot more active in the afternoon and evening than the morning. He even offered to help me clean up after dinner last night! His pain seems to be at its worst when he wakes up in the morning. I've hesitated to wake him in the middle of the night to give him pain medicine, but maybe we'll try that for a while.

He was excited to watch the NFL opener last night, and the BYU football game on Saturday, so that is a good sign. Also, he doesn't seem embarrassed to show people his scar. Hopefully that will continue when he goes back to school.

Yesterday he got to wash his hair for the first time since AUGUST 31ST! Good thing he keeps it so short normally. I have noticed that he is itching his head a lot less since then.

On Wednesday, Charlotte said to me, "When will Ben start eating a lot, and teasing me? It's too quiet now!" So we are still waiting for the return of teasing, which is the true sign of recovery.


  1. Don't forget to look for us in the nose-bleed section of the game tomorrow. Just have Ben "make" Charlotte eat a brownie, she seems to think that's teasing, and should be fun for Ben too.

  2. RWB: we should tell Kathy how much we enjoy the blog. SAJB: but that is so trite. RWB: better trite than never.

  3. Glad to hear he is slowly but surely recovering. He could always attach 2 googly eyes to his head and make an up-side-down smiley face until his hair fills back in. That would be total coolness.

  4. Kathy - so great to see you and Ben Friday - sorry I got emotional. You are a rock! Susannah and I cried all the way home, just overhwelmed with what mountain you have climbed in these past few weeks. Ben looked great, better than I expected. Just have been thinking about you alot and praying for your well being. It all lands on MOM! Let me know if I can do anything for you.

  5. It makes me less bitter about all the football on TV when I realize its making my dear nephew(s) happy.
    I would be going crazy if I hadn't washed my hair for so long. Are all the ladies flocking to your house now that his hair smells like AXE body spray again?