Sunday, September 5, 2010

Recovery--Day 2

Today went a lot better than yesterday. Ben had a lot less pain, talked a lot more, and was able to walk around a little bit. After living on a liquid diet since Tuesday, he surprised me this morning when he said, "I feel like ordering some lunch." And his first real meal? He ordered fried fish. Not what I would have picked, but I was happy to see he had some sort of appetite. He still is not eating very much, but a few bites of solid food is better than none.

Ben wants me to report of how many IV's he's had to have. The last one in his arm has just gone bad, so we are waiting for them to put in his 6th IV. Poor Ben.

I think we might get to go home on Tuesday. Hurray!


  1. Home already?!? YAY! So glad to hear that things are progressing so well! It's awesome to hear that he's eating a little! If something sounds good, you call, and we'll jump! Prayers are being answered - and more are coming your way! Way to go Ben! We hope that this is a major turning point for you!

  2. Absolutely amazing -- going home TUESDAY?!!!

    Your husband gave a powerful testimony today -- it had me in tears, and I'm sure others. I know it will be a few weeks to know for sure if the surgery worked due to the swelling potentially causing seizures, but your husband said so far he hasn't had any. Considering where things were before, it looks pretty promising. Sooooooo happy for Ben!

    I'm not surprised with the fish order -- I truly believe that often a person's body craves what they need nutritionally. Fish has a lot of omega oils in it which the brain takes up and uses. SUPER important. I take an omega fish oil supplement daily for a couple of health issues directly related to the brain.

    With the amount of stress his brain/body has been through, the omega oils found in fish will really help his brain recuperate and rebalance itself quicker.

    Glad he is getting some solid food.

    P.S. Charlotte was VERY content at church today sitting with her brothers and Dad. :) And Conner got to pass the sacrament to Elder Packer of the 70.

    I tried to call to have Charlotte over yesterday, but nobody answered, so I figured your parents had taken the kids up to the hospital.

  3. Hooray for Ben (and for you - I'm sure it is not very fun sitting all day). I'm glad you are still giving us updates via the blog. (Mom and Dad might be tired of getting calls from me.)
    Tell Ben I'm impressed with the number of IV's he's had to have. Needles are not scary, but it is no fun having them poked on top of your hand (especially if the nurse has a hard time finding your vein.)
    We are so happy to hear that his brain is functionally normally and that he is feeling like eating again. When I came home from my trip to Utah, I told Evan that Ben didn't like cream cheese. He said something like, that must be because of the part of his brain that has been damaged.
    Wish I could have been there to hear Scott's testimony yesterday. We fasted for Ben and your family again.