Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Surgery Ends

Ben's surgery ended just short of 5 hours after we left him. His Dr. said everything went well. Ben is in the Pediatric ICU right now, and he feels pretty crappy. He is very nauseous, and (duh!) his head hurts. Hopefully that will improve tonight. If he is feeling better tomorrow, he can move into a more comfortable room in Neuroscience.

And we can't have our cell phones on in the PICU, so no calls from us tonight.


  1. I'm glad everything went well during the surgery. That's always good to hear. I'm sure they are giving him plenty of pain meds to help manage the pain. I sure hope he feels better by tomorrow. Try and get some sleep tonight!

  2. Glad to hear it. We've been thinking of you guys all day today. They probably don't allow visitors in the PICU except for parents. When/if he gets moved to a normal room by this weekend Annalisa and I would love to come up and bring Ben a little something, and give you some company if you are up to it. Would Friday night/Saturday morning work/. You can give me a ring (798-7185) or email tara@davtar.org. If Ben is sick of hospital food by then we can always stop and bring him a big burger and fries. :)


  3. I am glad that things are going okay--We are thinking of you!! Call me if you need anything and hopefully you guys can get some rest tonight!

  4. I hope he feels better in the morning and that you are able to get some rest too. I do think the K must stand for the most awesome mom, I think I would have had a mental break down today waiting that long time...you are awesome!

  5. We are so glad things went OK and hopefully Ben's nausea will go away soon, too. Hope it is just the anesthetic wearing off. This hopsital trip may just work better than the 2-week Special K diet.
    I agree with Debbi; you are the most awesome mom in the hospital. I keep telling Evan that I don't know what I would do if my kid was having brain surgery. He might have to check me into another "special" wing of the hospital while he waited for our son.
    Our prayers continue to be with you and your family. I have a lot of Michigan and parts of AR praying for you as well!

  6. You all are so brave! Ben is in our prayers and we'll keep checking back to see if there is anything we can do. Keep up the good work :)