Thursday, November 25, 2010

Henry and Connor's Thanksgiving Haiku

Nine degrees outside
Stomachs hurt so we throw up

We race anyway

So a couple of months ago, I talked Henry and Connor into running a 5k race with me on Thanksgiving. I only had to bribe them with a trip to the restaurant of their choice after they finish. I had them follow the "Couch to 5k" plan, where they gradually increase their jogging time from just a few minutes, to 30 minutes straight. They did a good job with their training, and kept their complaining to a minimum.

Thanksgiving morning arrives, and it is a whopping 9 degrees outside.

In addition to the cold weather, Connor has had a stomach ache since the night before. Since he hasn't thrown up (yet) we bundle up and head off to complete out mission.

We arrive for the race. Connor thinks, "I feel like I'm going to puke." Henry thinks, "Wait, my twin brother is going to throw up? I think I will, too" So we warm up for the race by emptying our stomachs.

Finally, after standing around if the cold, its time to start. Our goal was to jog the whole way. It was a hard fight, but Henry and Connor performed admirably and did indeed jog the whole way, stomach aches and all. Since the race course was in the shape of a figure 8, I offered to let them quit half way through, but they decided to finish. I'm very proud of all the hard work they have done to prepare for this race. It's too bad that the conditions were less than ideal, but I think that added to their sense of accomplishment. Well done boys!

Tomorrow, its off to Chili's!


  1. Way to go Henry & Connor! I wish Suzanne would bribe me with a trip to Chili's every time I run.

  2. That is seriously impressive. Especially considering the conditions. Awesome job boys!

  3. How fun. Well not the barfing part. A 5k is a real workout but with the cold and the stomach issues I don't know if I could gave made it. Good job!